Perfume Oil - Transcendent Love

$35.00 AUD
Perfume Oil - Transcendent Love

'Transcendent Love' is a divine blend of high quality pure essential oils, designed to be used as a perfume, to shift your mood and rise above the racket into a dreamy, meditative state.

Woody and resinous, notes of smoky rituals in temples, sharp jolts of intuition and solo hikes in the forest are held gently by the warm honey-musk heart of sensual rose. 'Transcendent Love' is great company on an everlasting quest towards life's deeper mysteries.

This is a very special, unusual and spiritually potent blend of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, rose and bergamot, with sweet almond, jojoba and lavender.

Individually blended by Anna in Sydney, Gadigal Land.